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  • Texas Money Floats Republican Efforts to Hold U.S. House Seats

    April 29th 2016

    WASHINGTON — Jaws dropped on Capitol Hill a few weeks ago when Speaker Paul Ryan’s aides announced he raised $17 million in the first three months of this election year, much of it going to shore up re-election for his fellow GOP incumbents in the House.

    But what was not immediately clear was that 20 percent of that money, $3.4 million, came from a single Ryan fundraising swing though Texas. 

    While the GOP holds its largest House majority in generations, that majority may be short-lived as real estate magnate Donald Trump — an incendiary newcomer to presidential politics — closes in on the GOP nomination. The fear among many campaign operatives is that his divisive presidential campaign could drag down GOP House and Senate candidates around the country. 

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  • Ryan's 2016 Role: GOP Frontman, Rainmaker

    April 19th 2016

    Paul Ryan may not be running for president this year, but he’ll still play a critical role in GOP election efforts this fall, and events last week provided the script.

    In a hastily scheduled press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters last Monday, the House speaker attempted to permanently stamp out rumors Republicans might draft him as their presidential nominee at the convention this summer. He then quickly pivoted back to where he’s been for months, talking about his policy vision for the Republican Congress and his wish to be an “optimistic party” that is “defined by our solutions.”

    “This job provides a platform to communicate a conservative vision for our country, and I’m intent on using it,” said the Wisconsin Republican. “Not for me, but for my House colleagues and for all those who believe that conservatism holds the key to a more confident America.”

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