Susan Lilly

“We don’t just build a plan for fundraising; we build a comprehensive plan to help our clients win.”

Susan Lilly is the President and CEO of Lilly & Company and widely recognized as one of the state’s top fundraising and strategy consultants.

She began her career as a staffer for Republican Railroad Commissioner Barry Williamson, one of the few statewide Republican elected officials at the time. During the early phase of Susan’s career, she worked in every capacity in a campaign from campaign manager to scheduler to organization director for various state senate and statewide campaigns.

At age 24, Susan started her own firm, Lilly & Company, a consulting firm offering advice to clients on political affairs, grassroots organizing and advocacy and fundraising. Currently, Lilly and Company serves as the chief fundraising consulting firm to a number of the statewide campaigns including: Roger Williams for U.S. Senate, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, Supreme Court Justices Paul Green and Phil Johnson and the Congressional Campaigns of Congressmen Lamar Smith, John Carter, Louie Gohmert, and Randy Neugebauer and works on special projects for several other members of the Texas delegation. Lilly & Company also serves as a consultant to Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus, State Senator Robert Nichols, Chairman Todd Hunter and the Republican Party of Texas.

Lilly & Company provides fundraising services for a number of other campaigns and political action committees.

Throughout her career, Susan has achieved remarkable success. She ran the first successful Republican State Senate campaign in East Texas since Reconstruction and served as the principal fundraiser and adviser on the most expensive State Senate campaign in the nation in 2000. She has also been the head fundraiser and a primary advisor in a number of the most competitive congressional and statewide primaries as well as general election campaigns in the last six years. In 2005, 2006, and 2008 Susan was named as Texas’ Top Fundraiser among Republicans and Democrats by Capitol Insider.

Susan is a sixth generation Texan, born and raised in Nacogdoches – the oldest town in Texas. She is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and an emphasis on Administrative Law.